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Linda W.

You gave the correct number of greens that NMU lost to ice about 10 years ago – all 18!

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We were so busy launching Golf Up North we did not get to golf as much as we wanted to this season. We decided to play as many rounds as we could before the courses closed. It was a busy October of golf for us.

Two us took a Stay and Play weekend at Grand Traverse Resort and golfed Spruce Run and the Wolverine. We were surprised with a round and dinner at Arcadia Bluffs that my son invited us to. The guys did not have another trip but played a round at Elmbrook and a couple of rounds at The Crown. The girls had a day at the Sundance Course at A-Ga-Ming Resort.

We wrapped up October with the Autumn Fest Scramble at Interlochen Golf Course where Golf Up North provided schwag bags for every golfer.

Over the winter months we will share our experiences and pictures of these course. This month we will start Autumn Fest Scramble at Interlochen Golf Course.

Disclosure: We never tell a course who we are when we book and play a course. We do not ask nor accept free rounds to write about a course. We pay full price for our rounds for everyone in our group.

Autumn Fest Golf Scramble

Interlochen Golf Course

The Scramble was Saturday, October 16 and we were so hopeful that the nice weather would hold. We hoped in vain, it was chilly, wet, and windy, but we still had lots of fun. It was $45 per person for non-members and members only had to pay $20. We are not members but felt the $45 was a very fair price for 18 holes with cart, range balls and everything else included.

There were 120 golfers who braved the elements for a chance to hit closest to the pumpkin and feast on different varieties of chili and cornbread and of course hot dogs all day. The price included two drink coupons, and many used those coupons pre-gaming in anticipation of the chill.

Our Team

Ours was a mixed team, two men and two women. We came into it with the expectation of having fun, fully aware we would not win

We started at Hole #5, which is a par four hole a little over 300 yards long. It was also the hole with a pumpkin in the middle of the fairway for a chance to win a prize for closest to pumpkin. My partner drove about five feet from the pumpkin. We were sure to start off with a Birdie, right? No such luck, but at least we got par.

As we crossed the parking lot to go to Hole #6, we saw that the hole was a little torn up by the running of new gas lines. This meant the fairway was fairly narrow but still very playable.

Holes 7 & 8 have water hazards which my balls always find their way into, fortunately for our team the men did well on those holes, and we had playable lies from their drives.

Holes 9, 10 & 11 had sand traps that balls ended up in (none of mine), and these holes the girls came to rescue with playable drives and no bunkers.

The Dreaded Hole

I have played Interlochen 6 or 7 times since I first learned to golf there and the one hole that always owns me is Hole #12. It is a par 5, 358 yards from the Ladies tee and a big ole water feature that a Blue Heron likes to hang out on. I have never made it over that water until now, I finally showed that hole who the boss was.

Riding into the 13th hole feeling pretty confident and all but one of us hit that darn water hazard that runs up the right side of the fairway. You would think you could avoid that easily, but the tee boxes are across the water from the fairway. You look at that pond and it looks like it should be easy to drive the ball over it until you watch the wind come up and grab your ball sending it to the right with a nice a little splash.

Holes 14- 18 were pretty uneventful, a couple of us hitting the sand. Hole 15 was closest to pin for the Ladies, and I nailed it pretty darn close, was sure nobody would beat it. Of course, someone did, but still felt pretty darn good hitting that green so close to the pin.

Because we started on Hole 5 we circled back to finish up holes 1-4. Hole 3 is a par 3 and only one of our group hit the green on her drive. Of course we had to take a picture.

Did we win?

We did not win as expected, but we also did not have the lowest score. We ended up with 3 Birdies, 12 Pars and 4 Bogies for a final score of 72. This is the best score I have ever had in a scramble so for me it was a win!

Interlochen is a par 71 course with the longest hole being hole 12, 480 yards from the white tees, 358 from the ladies. The front nine has two par 3 holes and no par 5 holes for a par of 34 for all nine holes. The back has one par 3 and 2 par 5 holes for a par of 37 for all 9 holes.

Course Conditions

Listening to the more experienced members of our team they found several holes that were a challenge. There were tight fairways and wicked dog legs and the aforementioned water hazards.

Considering how late in the season it was, the course was in great shape and very well maintained. The greens were a little fast, the other couple who are members said the greens tend to be fast. They only had wonderful things to say about the course, the restaurant, and the staff, definitely worth a visit regardless of skill level.

I have not golfed at Interlochen in a couple of years and am looking forward to playing it next year in the sunshine and me not being the DD.

Although it rained on and off and the sun only peaked out here and there, we had so much fun. They built a nice bonfire to warm up by and the staff at Interlochen is very friendly. Brad and crew hosted a fun and successful event. A group of us ate at the Bradley’s the restaurant at the course the night before. We experienced top notch service and great food.

We have a lot pictures of Interlochen Golf Course from the last several years and from the Scramble. You can see them at by visiting Interlochen Golf Course Picture Page

Winter Activities at Interlochen

Bradley Pub & Grille open for lunch and dinner year-round and offers a wide selection of choices as well as some local fare too.

Interlochen Golf Course has also offered ice skating on a ice sheet they build. They also opened part of the course for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in previous winters. Check their Facebook page for announcements of when winter activities are available. They do not offer skate or ski rentals, you will need to bring your own. They do offer a limited number of snowshoes to borrow, we recommend bringing your own though.

If you would like to find your perfect Up North golf course visit Golf Up North and if you are looking for fun things to do after your round visit Up North Entertainment for dining, lodging and things to do Up North.

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