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Your complete golf course directory of public, semi-private and private golf courses in the 36 counties in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.


Golf Up North 2023 Season is here!!


REMEMBER – This is Northern Michigan – Weather can and will change quickly and frequently.


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Our Northern Michigan golf season may be short, but we have some of the most challenging, fun golf courses in the country and of course the friendliest people as well!

Whether you are looking for a quick 9 holes or a weekend of golf in Northern Michigan

Golf Up North is your one stop resource for golfing in Northern Michigan!

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June 1, 2023 Golf News

Welcome to our June Newsletter! Congratulations to Keith W. You are the winner of the May Newsletter – You submitted the correct answer – Adventures in Northern Michigan is one of the websites I write for. The other one is Northern Michigan History I emailed you requesting the address you would like your Golf Up North Schwag sent to! If you would like a chance to win some Golf Up North schwag, you have to subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribe at Golf Up North Newsletter and be on the mailing list for the June 1, 2023 edition. Golf in Northern… Read More »

10 Random Facts about Golf

I am always online looking up tips and tricks for golf, reading about tournaments and other golf related articles. Every once in a while, I come across some interesting golf trivia, and I will save it to share with my golfing friends that enjoy that sort of thing and with my readers. Today these are random golf facts I have collected. Some you most likely know, there are a couple you may not have heard of. 1 Did you know that the average golf ball has 336 dimples? I recently bought a dozen Bridgestone golf balls and the box said… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Golf Ball Position

When I started golfing several years ago, I assumed I would automatically be a scratch golfer. Come on, how hard can it be to swing a club at a ball, right? Well, an 80 something on 9 holes sure was humbling. I started paying attention to what other golfers were doing and asking questions. A lot of questions. So many questions the answers started being “I don’t know” when I knew he damn well did know the answer. Recognizing that I was being a pita and that nobody was going to want to play with me if I kept it… Read More »


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