It can be difficult to determine the “best” golf balls, as the right ball for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Different balls do different things to cater to diverse types of golfers. Many golf balls are engineered to be forgiving of a weakness or to enhance a strength.

There are many articles online of what the best golf balls are and are either based on one person’s opinion or the specifications of the ball. What the manufacturer says it will do and what the construction of the ball is.

We asked local players

We decided to take an informal poll of the golfers that we would run into on northern Michigan courses during the 2022 season. Everyone says that golf is not only a skill game but a mental game. We found the mental aspect to carry over into equipment choices as well. When asked why they preferred a certain ball, we frequently heard because this or that PGA player used that brand.

Another common comment was that it was an expensive ball so it must be better. We all would love to consistently drive our balls 250+ yards and we are told that the brand of ball and/or club will make the difference. It may be possible that Rory’s choice of ball does influence his average driving distance of 300+ yards. I think it is more likely that he practices a lot and is a much better golfer than most of us. 😊

The list below are the 5 top ball choices of the male golfers we talked to. We also included some of the male pros that choose to play with that ball. We will share what the women had to say about their preferred golf ball in an upcoming article.

#1 Titleist Pro V1Titleist Pro V1

Preferred ball for Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Scottie Scheffler, and many more

Whether it is the name or that a lot of pros use this ball, this was the most common ball being used in northern Michigan during the 2022 season.

This ball is known for its exceptional distance and control, as well as its soft feel and durability. It is popular among professionals and serious golfers.

#2 Bridgestone Tour B XSBridgestone Tour B XS

Preferred ball for Bryson DeChambeau and Tiger Wood’s (Tiger helped in the design of this ball)

We were surprised that Bridgestone Tour B XS had a stronger showing than a Callaway ball. Many of the players noted that even though their swing speed may be 95-105, the ball performs well for them. The price is less than the Pro V1 and it has Tiger’s seal of approval.

This ball is designed for players faster swing speed in excess of 105 mph. The dual dimple pattern delivers enhanced aerodynamics and extra distance and accuracy. The ball offers a high launch and low spin off the tee. It is known for its spin control around the greens

#3 Callaway Chrome SoftCallaway Chrome Soft

Preferred ball for John Rahm and Xander Schauffele

We were expecting Callaway to come in second, especially considering the number of Callaway’s we find in the weeds. What we did find is that the guys that play with Callaway balls are likely to be Callaway fans. We met many players with Big Bertha drivers and Callaway Chrome Soft balls in their bags.

This ball is designed to offer a soft feel and low spin off the tee, as well as excellent control on approach shots. It is a popular choice among players looking for a high-performing ball with a soft feel.

#4 TaylorMade TP5Taylormade TP5

Preferred ball for Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, and Collin Morikawa

We were surprised at the praise a lot of golfers gave TaylorMade balls. We have thought of them over the years as a cheap ball that was best used when faced with a water hazard. Always willing to lose a TaylorMade. After hearing how much some golfers liked it. We tried it and although TaylorMade will not replace our preferred balls, we won’t be grabbing it for water hazards anymore.

This ball is designed for players looking for a high-performing ball with a soft feel. It offers a low compression and low spin off the tee, as well as excellent distance and control. The TP5 has a Tour Flight Dimple Pattern that was engineered for improved aerodynamics.

# 5 Srixon Z-StarSrixon Z-Star

Preferred ball for Hideki Matsuyama and Brooks Koepka’s ball choice

This was another ball that caught us by surprise and that we had lumped in the cheap ball category. The golfers that use this ball swear by it for distance and control. We tried it, and this is another ball that is no longer in our water ball pocket in our bag.

The 7th generation of the Z-Star has a number of improvements. The cover is slightly thicker to enhanced feel, spin, and greens control. The new cover sits over a FastLayer Core that is soft in the center with firmer edges. This is to boost distance and speed while keeping the spin low.

Callaway Warbirds 2.0Which ball should you use?

Overall, these are all highly rated golf balls that offer a combination of distance, control, and feel. The best ball for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so it may be worth trying a few different balls to see which one performs best for you.

My husband’s favorite and most used ball is the Titleist Pro V1 whereas my preferred ball did not make the men’s list. I am a Callaway girl and love my Warbirds 2.0.