Lost Lake Woods Club

2855 Fox Road, Lincoln
Alcona County

Phone: 517-736-8412
Email: gm@lostlakewoodsclub.com
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Since 1926, we’ve provided a spectacular experience for our Family: Our Members, Our Guests and Our Staff. Lost Lake Woods Club is family-centric, welcoming, and unpretentious. That being said, we also enjoy the finer things in life: unparalleled outdoor life, hunting, shooting, fishing, exemplary golf, dining, and social experiences.

Life is short. We work hard to play hard, and we are fortunate that at Lost Lake Woods Club, work and play can overlap. We are a home away from home. When you first hear about Lost Lake Woods Club, it may sound too good to be true. The variety of features this family club offers is unparalleled and the cost of membership shockingly inexpensive. However, we promise, the land, amenities and opportunities available will live up to all you have heard.

Number of Holes: 18

Type of Course

  • Private