In an effort to make the game of golf more accessible to people of all ages, The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) founded Family Golf Month. July is the perfect time to introduce a child to the game of golf. Regardless of age, gender or skill level golf is a game that can be played by all.

Grandpa and Granddaughter Interlochen Golf Course in Northern Michigan

Bring your family together for a round of golf in Northern Michigan. Put together some foursomes that have a mix of adults and kids of all ages. Head out and make sure to respect course rules of only 4 to a team. You can meet up with the other teams at the end and compare scores, stories, tips, and tricks over a meal. Healthy competition with family is always fun and you might get a free meal out of it!

Good for your body and soul!

Besides the obvious of encouraging physical fitness, taking a child, sibling or even a parent golfing also promotes mental fitness. Golf can boost endorphins and help with stress levels. Being outside in the fresh air can help to bring about a sense of well-being and help you sleep at night.

I am always surprised how much fun I have when I have golfing with my children or grandchildren. The thing to remember is that you are there to guide and foster the same love of the game you have in the younger generations. Get them involved in golf so that they can experience not only the fun but the life skills the game offers. Golf is a family friendly activity, take advantage of it!

Besides teaching proper techniques it is important to teach proper etiquette. Much is common sense and just good manners, but a reminder won’t hurt. Younger or newer golfers can slow down the pace of play and that is okay as long as you are conscious of those behind you. Although it may extend your round, make sure to let anybody you may be holding up play through.

Ryker Golfing in Northern MichiganConsider playing only 9 holes the first few times out. Especially for younger children, even 9 holes can be a struggle. When one of my grandkids was younger, she would play a couple of holes and sit a couple of holes out. But I loved spending time with her in the cart as we moved to the next hole.

Part of taking a family member golfing is not just how many holes you play but the time you are spending together. There are very few activities that are not conducive to staring at your phone, golf requires attention. I have found that we tend to joke and talk while playing our round. We even have a little before, during and after trash talking.

If there is time to have dinner together it makes the round even more special. Use the time at dinner to plan the rematch.

Spend time with those you love doing what you love

Family Golf Month is a great opportunity to spend some time with family on a Northern Michigan Golf Course. Remember you can define what constitutes family and have a blast with folks you love! It also gives you an excuse to get out and play a round you may not otherwise play.

I love the game and I encourage my children and grandchildren who don’t golf to come try it with me – my treat! Heck, I will even treat those that already golf with me. 🙂

Our season in Northern Michigan can be short, take advantage of the great July weather and have some fun!