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Waiting for Spring Up North

We keep getting glimpses of warmer weather and many of the courses in the Northern Lower Michigan are open for play. Many of the Upper Peninsula courses are still waiting on snow to melt and temperatures to rise, but there are a few open.

We have been trying to stay on top of all the courses in the UP and Northern Lower Michigan and posting what we find on our social media pages and have a dedicated area on our website for each region showing courses that are open and/or when they are planning to open. Click on a region below to see if your favorite course is open.

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Newsletter Publication Schedule

When we first launched this newsletter back in August, we gave a publication schedule that had us publishing the newsletter twice a month May – September. Now that I have been writing these for the last 9-10 months, I have decided that monthly year-round makes the most sense.

Thank you!!!

Golf Up North Thank you!We would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to email us about the newsletter. Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and your positive comments are very much appreciated. Since our first issue on August 15, 2021, the number of subscribers has doubled and an average of 53.4% of you have opened the email and read it. That is an astounding rate! An open rate of 17%-28% depending on the industry is considered good. You all are blowing those numbers out of the bunker! Thank you!

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Share your Favorite Course with Us

We would love to hear about your favorite Course in the Upper Peninsula or Northern Lower Michigan. Send pictures of golfing your favorite course in the Upper Peninsula Northern Lower Michigan and a couple of sentences about why you love the course. Include your mailing address and if we share your pictures and recommendations in future issues, our website or social media, we will send you some Golf Up North schwag as a thank you. Send your pictures and comments to  

First round of Up North Golf 2022 is in the books!

Golf Up North Pinecroft Golf CourseWas able to golf last week at Champion Hill in Beulah, the sister course of Pinecroft Golf Course. Like most courses Up North, both courses have wonderful views of the surrounding area. Champion Hill has many holes that provides distant views of Lake Michigan, Crystal Lake, and Platte Lake. Pinecroft is all about Crystal Lake Views. This picture below is from Pinecroft Course a few years ago.

Champion Hill Course

We are all in a hurry to get out and golf as early as we can, and the courses are trying to accommodate us plus prepare the course for the season. Sometimes there is overlap, this was the case last week. They had just aerated and had special spring aeration pricing. You can see from our pictures that the recent aeration was not a hindrance or a factor in our scores at all. We only had ourselves to blame. 😊

I have not golfed this course before but having golfed Pinecroft a few years ago I knew they provided a wonderful experience with a fun and friendly staff. We were not disappointed.

Golf Up North Champion Hill Golf Course

Being so early in the season you do not expect a manicured course with perfect greens and honestly, the course grounds were not at their best that day. But you could tell that as the weather warms up and maintenance continued that would change and this was a course worth playing.

The course has wide forgiving fairways which is great if you are a beginner or intermediate golfer. For the more experienced golfer the course is challenging and if you want to step up the game, play from the blue tees. There is a little over 600-yard difference between the white and blue tees. Us ladies get to play from the reds for over a 1700-yard advantage. 😊

Champion Hill describes its course as open, rolling heather line fairways with large, contoured greens. They do not have beverage service and allow outside coolers.

We took a lot of pictures while we were there. If you would like to view them all, visit Champion Hills photo page.

Golf Up North Champion Hill Golf course

Hidden Gems

One of the things I love about golfing Up North, are the hidden gems. We all have heard of the courses that are at the bigger resorts because not only do they have a large marketing budget, but they tend to be the ones that are talked about by the media and on social media. I love playing the bigger name courses like anyone else, but I am also a dive bar kind of girl. I like to find the out of the way places known only to the locals and know that we will have a blast. (Talking about both golf courses and dive bars!)

Do not be afraid to try that small nine-hole course that you never heard of, or the course with the rickety sign at the road. Once you walk in the clubhouse you will be surprised and have a golf experience to remember! For example, last year the guys visited Emerald Vale in Manton and loved it and I plan to visit it this year because of their hype.

That was one of the reasons for building our site, we wanted to provide exposure for some of the smaller courses that many have not heard about. These courses provide an amazing experience at fantastic prices. I wanted a straightforward way to find a course for a quick round when on the road. So many unknown courses have such a great history with stories that pull you in and you know you have to golf there. We have a list of some of those courses we want to play this summer (a couple of bigger names too). We are planning THE Rock N Roll Golf Tour this summer and am hoping to hit several courses throughout Golf Up North’s footprint. Since I started golfing late, I have a lot of courses to hit before I play that final one.

Find a course that may surprise you.

Do not be afraid to try that small nine-hole course that you never heard of, or the course with the rickety sign at the road. Once you walk in the clubhouse you will be surprised and have a golf experience to remember! For example, last year the guys visited Emerald Vale in Manton and loved it and I plan to visit it this year because of their hype.



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Reminder about Open Courses

We are checking daily for course openings and updating the list on our website. Click on any region on the top of this newsletter or the home page of the website to find the status of a course in that area. If you are looking at the list and see a course, we missed that has opened please let us know at

Find your Up North Golf Course

If you would like to find your perfect Up North golf course visit Golf Up North and if you are looking for fun things to do after your round visit Up North Entertainment for dining, lodging and things to do Up North.

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