8.15.22 Special Edition NewsletterSpecial Edition – National Golf Month

Had to do a second newsletter for Golf Month, I just had to! This time, short and sweet with a fun contest and awesome Golf Up North Schwag

First a fun fact

National Golf month was founded in 1993 by the PGA for the purpose of promoting golf as a family-friendly and inclusive sport.

We think every day of every month is a reason to golf, but this is official, so you have to golf, a lot!

If you haven’t already, grab your clubs, a few friends, and head to the course and celebrate National Golf Month.

Celebrate National Golf Month!

Twenty of our favorite ways to celebrate National Golf Month or any month for that matter.

  1. Introduce someone new to the sport and take the time to show them what they need to know to get started. Show them the way around the fairways and hazards, picking the right club or addressing the tee. Every new golfer needs someone to guide them along the way.
  2. Take a golf trip – Go play a course or several you haven’t played before with a group of friends.
  3. Many courses offers special events for the entire family to enjoy.
  4. Play as many rounds as you can in the month of August – make it a competition with a friend to see who plays the most.
  5. Hit the driving range – We all can use some practice
  6. Take a golf lesson – You never know what you might learn
  7. Play for something – put something on the line – drinks at the 19th hole, closest to pin. Make it interesting.
  8. Walk, don’t ride. If you normally take a cart, walk at least 9 hoes.
  9. Maintain your equipment – Deep in the season and your clubs could probably use a good cleaning
  10. Complete a par-3 course – Improve your short game
  11. Create your own backyard green – Then you can practice chipping and putting any time!
  12. Play with your kids or grandkids – Enjoy time with them while playing a game you love.
  13. If you haven’t before, book the first tee time – it is fun to be the very first one on the course
  14. Play 36 – Start early, have lunch between rounds and then brag about the day your played 36 holes. Or go really nuts and play 72 holes in a weekend.
  15. Play in a charity tournament – You are going to spend the money anyway, have it help a good cause.
  16. Splurge on a course you typically wouldn’t play because of the cost.
  17. Treat yourself to some new gear
  18. Instead of your safety club, try a club you always try to avoid.
  19. Change up your drive and see what happens. Normally wild off the tee? Slow it down and think through your swing. Take numerous practice swings and drive with a methodical approach? Go nuts and throw caution to the wind and just swing! You might just crush it.
  20. Create a golf course bucket list. Add courses that realistically you can play and then have a fantasy section for courses like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst and St. Andrew’s.

Golf Up North SchwagEnter Our National Golf Month Contest

Celebrate National Golf Month by sending us a picture of your favorite golf moment, course or course view to contact@golfupnorth.com. Email your pictures by Midnight EST August 22, 2022. We will post all the pictures we receive on our Facebook page on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. The picture with the most votes (likes) by midnight EST August 31, 2022 will win a bunch of cool Golf Up North Schwag!

We will announce the winner in our September 1st newsletter, online in our blog and on our social media pages.

Happy National Golf Month

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