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It is golf season in Northern Michigan

Golfing weather has arrived in Northern Michigan along with tourist season. Whether you are local or a tourist we recommend booking your tee time ahead, the courses can fill up quickly.

I would love to say I have been golfing non-stop since the courses started opening up but unfortunately May has not been kind with my time. I have only been out golfing a few times and have only visited my home course, so I do not have anything share about any of the courses in Northern Michigan. That will change in June, I will be out golfing all over Northern Michigan!

Getting out on the course even only a few times made me realize that many of my aches and pains seem to disappear while on the course. I commented on it to a friend who asked how I was able to golf so much with my bad back. Never thought about it until then and realized that my back barely hurts when I am golfing. I feel surprisingly good for a few hours after I am done with the round. Golfing does not seem to make my back worse, a round of golf does not mean I will “pay for it later.”

I decided to check out what other benefits we experience by spending time on the course. To my delight there are a lot of benefits besides having fun! So I decided to share these benefits with all of you! Also, a good reason to get out on the course!

Health Benefits of Golf

Golf Up North Otsego Resort, Gaylord MichiganPlaying a round can be good for your heart and overall health. If you walk the course, you will have walked an average of 5 miles. If you use a cart for your round, you are still getting a full body workout. Using your arms, legs, and core muscles with each swing.

Spending time outside exposes you to Vitamin D. Vitamin D supports muscle function, bone health and immune function. If you live in the northern part of the country, it is common to have a Vitamin D deficiency. Playing golf a couple times a week may just fix that. Of course, always use sunscreen.

Beside getting some good Vitamin D, being outdoors provides so many health benefits. Studies have shown that we could benefit both physically and mentally by spending time outside golfing.

More Health Benefits of Golf


Studies have shown these added benefits from regularly playing golf:

  • Better Sleep
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Help with depression
  • Boost creative thinking
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Boost your brain
  • Reduce pain

Perfect Low-Impact Sport

Golf is joint friendly and has a minimal risk of injury. Golfing will get your heart going, burn calories and increase your flexibility. We typically think of low impact sports for older adults, but anyone will benefit and build endurance.

Golf is also a sport you can play at any age, you do not “age out” of golf. Because it causes little stress or damage to joints and muscles you can play throughout your life. I have met a few older golfers that laugh and say they golf their ages which I think is awesome and impressive! I am a long way off of being able to claim that. 😊

Frustrating But Challenging

Golf can be incredibly frustrating, but there is a sense of accomplishment when you experience that unsinkable putt go in or that perfect chip. I am a competitive person and have come to grips (mostly) with the fact that my late start means I am not going to beat most folks. So, I compete with myself. I keep notes on drives and putts on my home course with the goal to improve and beat myself.

If you enjoy good competition, golf is great because with a handicap, it levels the playing field a little. Unfortunately, the only time my “handicap” comes into play is when I play my husband, otherwise I cross my fingers that I just come close to the groups score.

Family Activity

Golf Up North - Mother and Son GolfingOne of my favorite things about golf it can be a family activity. Bring the kids or grandkids and spend some time on the course teaching them about the game you love. (No, this is not me. It is my daughter-in-law and grandson.)

I love to see a couple on the course having fun golfing together. If one of you do not golf most courses charge a nominal fee for riders. Take your significant other out on the course and let them ride along and watch, you may just create a golfing partner in the process.

Golf has also provided a bonding experience for me with my adult sons. We talk golf, we play together and we talk when on the course. Gone are the days of them stuck in a car with mom coming home from practice and having to chat, the golf course has provided the perfect replacement. I truly enjoy golfing with them and it feels really good when they are as excited as I am when I have a good drive or chip. I cheered them for so many years in their sports, kind of cool when they are cheering for me. 😊


Make New Friends

Golf Up North - Manitou Passage Golf Course - friends golfingI have mentioned in past blogs how much I enjoy golfing alone; it is not because I am anti-social at all. I sometimes just enjoy the peace of being on my own.

That said, I have had some of the best times with strangers I have met on the course. Some who I may only run into a couple of times a year, but we still have that connection.

Golfing with a group of friends is great too. Plus having someone to share a drink with at the ‘19th hole” is a great benefit!. The golf course is a great place for you to get away from the chaos of life and enjoy some relaxed time with friends—whether old or new.

Golf May Help You Live Longer

A 2009 Swedish study suggested that golfers may live longer than nongolfers. As much as FIVE extra years. Playing golf may reduce the risk of an early death in older adults by playing at least once a month. Great argument when you need an excuse to golf with your buddies. 😊

Whether your healthcare team is recommending changes in your lifestyle, or you are making changes on your own, golf fits in nicely as part of a healthy lifestyle.

So go play a round, you may just live longer!

Almost all Northern Michigan Courses are Open!

With the opening of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge & Golf Course today all courses are open for golf with the exception of one.

Bear Lake Highlands is under major renovations with an anticipated opening in late July. Check their website for news on opening dates

Share Your Favorite Course With Us

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If you would like to find your perfect Up North golf course visit Golf Up North and if you are looking for fun things to do after your round visit Up North Entertainment for dining, lodging and things to do Up North.

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